Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Handmade purses & bags with style!

Sizes & Prices:

  • Extra-Small 10w x 7h x 3d $20
  • Small 12w x 8h x 3.5d $25
  • Medium-Short 14w x 8h x 4d $30 (is shorter than a medium & comes with short handles)
  • Medium 14w x 10h x 4.5d $30
  • Large 16w x 12h x 5d $35
  • Extra-Large 18w x 13h x 5.5d $40
  • Diaper Changing Pad 14w x 21l $5

Ordering Information:

You choose the outside fabric, the inside fabric has already been selected and may vary from the linings pictured.
Bottoms & handles are either black, brown, or navy.
Bags have pockets on both sides inside, including 2 for pens/pencils. (the Extra-Small only has pockets on one side.)
Some fabrics have more than one ribbon color choice.
Large & Extra-Large are the most commonly ordered sizes for diaper bags.
The best sizes for scripture bags are the Small (I like it with short handles for scriptures), & the Medium-Short. The Extra-Small will fit a compact quad.
Handle lengths: Extra-Small - 15 1/2, Small - 17 1/2, Medium-Short - 12 1/2, Medium - 21, Large - 24 1/2, Extra-Large - 25
The Medium-Short is the only bag that comes with short handles, but you can request them on any bag.

Please specify the following:
  • Fabric choice
  • Size
  • Ribbon color
  • Bow - yes or no
  • Button & loop closure - yes or no
  • Your name & phone number
Contact Chenelle Houston at chouston4@juno.com or 801-525-9188 to order or if you have questions.
Orders take 1-2 weeks. They may be picked up in Syracuse, Utah or I can meet you halfway. They also can be shipped for an extra charge. Payment can be mailed to: Chenelle Houston, 2880 W. 2495 S., Syracuse, UT, 84075.


inside pockets

button & loop closure

How they look made up:

How they look made up: